Access view of SDE?

Discussion created by MavKat on May 13, 2014
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I think what I want to do is use Access to look at the default version* of my SDE, to be able to query the attribute table of one of my feature classes, as well as joining it to an existing Access table. I don't need edit capabilities, just to know that I'm getting the current information when I run a query, I don't even need the spatial data. What I want to do is be able to export snapshots of my attribute data that I can send to owners of the physical roads that I'm mapping so that when their local data doesn't match mine (and they don't have GIS capabilities) I can easily send them a document that will assit in figuring out our discrepancies.

I have done a bit of searching here, and it looks like maybe I need to figure out multi-versioned views? Is this neccessary if I don't need to edit the data? I've also seen query layers mentioned a bit, but I'm pretty much at the limit of my GIS and database knowledge right now. My goal is eventually to have a webpage that will have an ArcGIS Online map embedded, and then some way to download the data that I'm trying to query (the real down side to this part is my total lack of web dev experience).

*It would be great to be able to look at an editor version in some cases, however if that would make the process much more difficult given the delta tables then I can just continue exporting what I need to Access in those cases.