Invitation to check out the new Esri Community

Discussion created by timothy_hales-esristaff Employee on May 13, 2014
We�??d like to invite you to join an exciting new pilot program that will  change the way Esri users connect and collaborate. Welcome to the new  online community -- The Esri Community.

Think of it as a perpetual UC. Thanks to social platforms and tools, you  can now share your ideas, collaborate on best practices, and  collectively build projects, ALL YEAR LONG.

We hope you�??ll accept our invitation. We need you.

It Starts with Resilience and Evolves

This Esri Community is a new and living collaborative resource. It will  evolve in exciting ways over time. The first space we�??d like to present  is the Resilience Community, which contains the following specific  sub-spaces:

  • Climate Resilience

  • Disaster Resilience

  • Economic Resilience

  • Public Safety

  • Transportation and Infrastructure

Here are some of the discussions already started in the community:[INDENT]
Science and Our Changing Climate                                                              
Resilience: Building Smarter, Not Stronger                                                              
Resiliency and the Age of Design
     [INDENT]Designing Resilient Transportation Networks with GIS

Joining the community is fast and simple. Click through to the login page and follow the prompts to get started.