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iOS fail to login to secured map service

Question asked by sealjack on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by sealjack
We???re having a problem with ArcGIS for iOS to access secured map service on our ArcGIS Server 10.11 today.

We have a couple of map services secured using ArcGIS Built-in secure store. The map services were added to maps on ArcGIS Online and accessed by ArcGIS for iOS on iPad the latest version. Everything worked fine till this arfternoon, first I noticed is when I went to ArcGIS Manager web portal, all the services folder shows empty, although if I looked via ArcCatalog and REST API, all map services were working fine. I restarted the server, the map services then are listed in service folders, and I can disable / enable security. However, when security enable, the map services can be accessed by REST  API and ArcGIS Online (web browser) with the correct logins, but not for ArcGIS for iOS, no matter what logins used, including the superuser (ArcGIS Server admin), the app doesn???t login.

I???ve tried some secured map services from another AGS with same configuration (10.11, non-SSL enable), it seems working fine. So there???re something wrong on the particular server rather than the iOS app. I've also tried reboot the server and create a new map service and secured it, doesn't fix the issue. Any suggestons? Thanks