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Discussion created by m.megahed on May 13, 2014
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Dear All,

I have a problem in my environment, I have arcserver version 10.2.1 and Portal for arcgis verson 10.2.1, I have configured all of them to work together without any problem, my only problem was to add arc server to portal as a hosting server and i fixed it by enabling connection through ports required.

My problem now is I try to open any added maps from the arc server to find it is not working so i tried to go to the arc server manager, it refuses my user and password stating that it is incorrect, but when I try entering http://my server/arcgis/admin, and enter the same user and password, it works fine, If i try to enter http://my server/arcgis/rest, I cannot see any of my services.

I tried connection from arcgis desktop, which was working before, it refuses to connect and gives me 'Bad syntax error'
I removed the certificate, and try access using http only but no change
I tried using the https url no change
I defined the webadaptor again no change..

any clue whay this happened?

Best regards,

Mohammed Megahed,
Rolta Middle East