Opening the selected ArcMap document failed.

Discussion created by hsjuc on May 12, 2014
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I have been working on a mxd in ArcMap 10.1. When I open it in ArcMap 10.2 on a different computer, it won't open and gives me an error message.

Opening the selected ArcMap document failed.
The data frames of the map document could not be read could not be read due to the following error:
0x80040111(ClassFactory cannot supply requested class)
The last successfully loaded component was: Unknow ProgID({0CA176CA-8014-454F-A641-B814AB525719})
The specified file does not contain a valid ArcMap document.

For this particular mxd, I use some functions from Production Mapping, such as Layout Window. I have Production Mapping installed in ArcGIS 10.1. But 10.2 doesn't. Could this causing the problem?

How to resolve such problem? Thanks in advance.

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