Feature Class publishing - Projections

Discussion created by JordanBaumgardner_GIS on May 12, 2014
We have a client with their data in State Plane Coordinate system.

They would like to publish to ArcGIS Server and use the ESRI base maps (web mercator)

There is one Feature Class layer they would like to edit using an app we will build (simply adding some points)

They have a concern about projecting their data on the fly to Web Mercator and would like to avoid that, but do not want to change the base projection from State Plane.

Does someone know the "Proper" way to handle this?

There is lots of talk about Replicated data - Nightly py processes and syncing routines. But this is sounding way overboard. Seems like we are missing something simple.

Is it not possible to publish in a different projection and still be able to edit our feature classes in the GeoDB and keep everything in sync?

Thanks in advance.