CAD to Geodatabase in ArcToolbox, says success but not true

Discussion created by Sheldonbkr on May 12, 2014
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Hello all,
I am having a little trouble with using the CAD to Geodatabase tool in ArcToolbox.

First, no this is not a simple problem of not having the CAD drawing georeferenced.  I have successfully done that and brought the dwg file into an ArcMap document.

What I am trying to do is create a geodatabase of georeferenced CAD drawings.  From ArcCatalog (the .dwg file is not open in either ACAD or ArcMap, just in case) I am opening the ArcToolbox, under Conversion tools I am choosing "CAD to Geodatabase".  I then navigate to my input CAD file, specify the Output Geodatabase and Spatial Reference etc. then "OK"

Then I actually get a success message!  No errors in the results message.  But when I go to look at the geodatabase, there is nothing there!  I have attempted this multiple times.  Same results, the teasing "Succeeded at......" message, but nothing in the Geodatabase....

Any ideas?