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Do I need ArcGIS for Server?

Question asked by burrito_mike on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2014 by burrito_mike
I sent this as an email to esri support (waiting to hear back) but I thought I would also ask here to get as much input as possible. Thanks everyone!


The (hopefully brilliant) idea I have is to host my own JavaScript apps at home. I want to configure an application or two and use them as examples/demos in conjunction with my resume and host everything on a personal webserver.

My thinking is I could purchase an ArcGIS for Home Use license for map creation, publish services to ArcGIS Online, host the JavaScript, browser-based application on my home webserver and configure it to consume services from AGOL.

Is this something that would work or would I actually need ArcGIS for Server? Are there aspects I possibly don't know about/haven't thought of to make this idea work?

Also, can you tell me if it's been sorted out yet that when one pays for ArcGIS for Home Use they actually do receive an AGOL account? I remember reading last year there were some issues with that...

Thank you :)