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Code Assist plugin for VS

Question asked by on May 9, 2014
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I'm developing using Visual Studio 2012 and just followed the instructions  here to setup the code assist plugin.  I have downloaded the latest version which is 3.8, put it in my project and linked to it using a script tag on the page, e.g.

<script type="text/javascript" src="path_to_the_code_assist_document"></script>

However, I've got the following issues:

1. It doesn't seem to work.  I've got the following code:

var map = new Map("map", {                 basemap: "topo",                 center: [0, 0]             });

I was expecting to then be able to type "map." and the intellisense show me the various properties and methods of the Map object, but it doesn't.

2. The page now tries to load the jsapi_vsdoc12_v38.js file in the live environment unless I manually take out the script element referencing it, which on multiple pages is going to be a pain.  It's over 0.5MB so I don't really want it loaded by each visitor.  Does anyone have an idea to resolve this?

3.  There appears to be at least one error in the file.  When I open the page I've referenced it from on my machine, which does then load it, it complains that the 'true' keyword on line 5188 can't be used as a parameter:

setFolderVisibility: function (folder,true) {

I surely can't be the first person to have found these issues though, so hopefully someone out there has an idea or two!?