Discussion created by dankwahernest on May 8, 2014
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Hello, I have delineated watershed from DEM for some culverts. I would like to add the area of each watershed to its respective culvert and I would really appreciate any help I can get. The culverts are point shapefiles and the watershed are from the DEM. Since these are two different Layers, I am finding it hard to add the area drained by each culvert (which is in the DEM)to its respective culvert.

I have 1435 culvert points shapefile and there are 1409 watershed areas I need to add to the culvert shapefile.

Also, I have a land cover data classified into two classes (pervious and impervious) that I would like to add as another attribute of the culverts point shapefile. I would like to determine percent of watershed that is impervious as attributes of each culvert.

Can anybody please give me clues as to how to proceed?

Thank you.