Populate Databases with different structures

Discussion created by DanielaPalacios on May 8, 2014
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I have the following issue that I would like to consult in very general basis just to get a  broad idea of how to solve a problem.

I have a government database structure for Environmental Impact Assessments done in Colmbia. This structure HAS to be use by everyone who wants to develop a project within Colombia. Nevertheless, this database structure is not completely normalised or 100% accurate and may have tons of redundancy when data is loaded.

The company I work for has asked me to use this database as a reference to create our own, better and more efficient geodatabase to be use within the company. The idea will be to keep as many tables,fields names, feature classes, domains and subtypes of the original structure, but it will be necessary to modify some elements.

At the end this structure will be only used for internal company purposes but at the end we will have to report  our data using the governmet's structure. If the data is stored in OUR structure, what kind of process has to be done to load the data to the GOV's strucute when both structure dont match?

I need as many good ideas from people who has done this?.... Thank you very much.

It all be done using ArcGIS file databases.