Got Collector with offline going but having two issues.

Discussion created by simpsonr on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by ocplanning
Got Collector up and running on a simple map with one points, lines and polys feature service hosted by our in house ArcGIS Server.  Have attachments, editor tracking turned on.  Got all my global ID's setup.  Got everything setup, checked for "offline editing".

Couple issues:
1)  I can't seem to edit any features, either connected or offline, with my LG G2 Verizon Android phone.  Every time I click the point, line or poly feature that I want to create, the app force closes.  I've uninstalled/reinstalled the app always with the same force close results.

2)  On devices that are able to edit (create, delete, update) features, such as our iPad an my coworkers lg g2 verizon android phone, we are able to do all edit operations if no photo attachment is created.  If we do add a photo attachment, submit, and then try to sync our changes (when offline) an error is thrown stating that there was an error syncing.  However, if I look at the actual feature service, the edits do in fact make it to our SDE database, including the attachment record.  Not sure why we get the sync error.