ArcGIS Online Map pop-up with scroll bar edit Jumps back up to top on each edit

Discussion created by fish1ric on May 8, 2014
Edits using the pop-up or dialog window have a fixed size and any attribute data that needs to be updated or edited that
is reached via use of the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the pop up window jumps back up to the top of
the is edit window for each attribute update that is below or past the initial window display and requires the scroll
bar to reach it. The work flow ends up being edit everything just fine that shows in the initial non-scroll area then
scroll down to display and reach attributes to edit beyond the initial display, click and edit one which causes the
scroll to return to the top and one must then scroll down to reach the next hidden attribute to edit.
This is very unattractive for a user experience when editing attributes, is there a setting or fix or way to change
the edit pop-up window to work better and not jump around like this?