Merging tables with Unique Identifiers:

Discussion created by menglish on May 8, 2014
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I have two tables, both have different field names yet one Unique Identifier (UID) that in some cases they share, and some cases they don't.  I want to combined the tables with all of the fields from both tables, and retain the UID as one record where they match, and retain the UID that don't.  Where they share a UID and using merge, it creates two records with the same  UID.  How do I get the results where it recognizes the UID and dissolves them to one, while retaining the UIDs that are only present in one of the other table?  I tried join, but the UIDs are different in both tables.  So if I join using one table or the other, it loses records where the UID is not present in the second joined table.  Hope this makes sense.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.