ArcGIS - WGS 84 Transformation conflicts with other platforms

Discussion created by psat25 on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2014 by glenn.brooks43
I have rasters, need to be geo-referenced in WGS 84 datum with Lat/Log (degree). I have geo-referenced using Global Mapper, which we usually used to use, because of its user friendly. Got a vector data of the same raster through other sources, which also used GCS_WGS 84 (Could have been geo-referenced using ArcGIS with GCS_WGS84). When I overlap both the data, found off-set about 300 meters. Checked all data origins and geo-referencing, everything correct, still off-set unavoidable.

      To check further, I have geo-referenced same raster with GCS_WGS84 in Global Mapper and ArcGIS seperately. I found the same off-set of 300m.

Is that really different transformation applied in difference platforms, or any other parameters related to this??