Calculating mean slope out of 8+1 Aspect Zones in ArcGIS 10.1

Discussion created by ChrM_85 on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by xander_bakker
I'm trying hard to find a way to get it together but it looks like I'm making essential mistakes here. I already created a slope out of a DEM, after that I used the Aspect Tool to get 8+1 slope directions(+Flat(-1 Value)) what I eventually wanna get out of that, are the mean slopes for each one of the 8+1 Zones/directions. I reclassified all these Layers because I thought I need their attribute tables but when I open them, it doesnt look like there is any useful data for my purpose. Anyway it should work via the Zonal Statistics as Table Tool but also there I'm getting errors evertime I'm trying to calculate it...