Calculating distance to median point for a group of points in Model Builder In ArcGIS

Discussion created by KristiinS_55 on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by mdenil
I have two shapefiles. First of them, there is about 115 000 points (clients and their field size) All together there is about 16 226 different clients. In the other shapefile I have calculated the median point for all the clients. Now, I want to calculate the distance from each client field to its corresponding median point. How can i do it in Model Builder?? Doing it one by one takes a lot of time.

I tried to use Generate Near Table tool but it takes account other clients mean centers too, because some are near to each other. I need to classify source points by client number, but no distance tool have case field option to do this.

How this process should look like in Model Builder?

Hope to get some help. :)