Floating Panes

Discussion created by mcsuran2332 on May 7, 2014
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Is it possible to have 2 separate floating panes in a custom webviewer at 2 separate times? 

I want one Floating pane at startup (which I have done already) that you have to close to view the map, basically acting as a disclaimer.  Once in the main map, I have a slider bar (don't know if that is the correct name) representing 5 different layers to be displayed.  This is currently in the left pane.

Is there a way to take that slider bar and turn it into another floating pane?  I have searched all over the forums on how to set up a basic floating pane, but everyone has a different way of doing it.  All of which I can not get to work with what I have.  We basically outsourced to a company to build this webviewer.  Long story short, I am now trying to figure out what/how they did things and have been tasked to complete the project, since they could not get it done.

I'm sure I didn't give enough info so let me know what else you need to better assist in answering.  Thanks!