Work offline with changing extent

Discussion created by bbbb9999 on May 7, 2014
Hey guys,

I'm working on an application which is based on point features which are changing over time and it seems to me that the SDK is not destined for this use case. The problem seems to be in the possibility that features can be added and deleted and so my targetextent for offline usage is changing from time to time.
I want to provide local basemaps and paths within a 10km radius around the feature. The only solution i found up to now is to create tpks and gdbs for every point and add them seperately to my MapView which is totally inefficient and ugly.
This is because for example to my knowledge it is impossible to change the SyncExtent of a gdb after generation with SyncGeodatabaseTask. And also a way to unite local basemaps would be helpful. In the end i would like to have one file for every basemap type and every feature class type where i am able to react on changing usage extents.

Does somebody know a somehow convenient way to achieve this goal with the SDK?