Phantom Buffer Feature Class

Discussion created by RasheedKh on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by crafty762

We have an Enterprise geodatabase. I used the Buffer tool in ArcToolbox to create and store a buffer feature class in the geodatabase from within ArcMap. Something went wrong with one of the buffers, and I cannot see this feature class in Arc Catalog or any navigation method I know. It still shows up in the mxd I used to originate it, and I can see the source and see where it is stored. If I try to run the buffer tool again, it gives an error stating an identically-named feature class already exists in that location. I can export the feature from the mxd, but again, this is the only way I can see/access it. What can cause it to be hidden in Arc Catalog? If I manually type in the name for an import, it says it does not exist, yet exports say it does!

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