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Filtering address candidates to my state, incoporated places using the ESRI geocoding

Question asked by schlot on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by jrogers-esristaff
I'm using single address input to the World geocoding service, and I'm having a hard time filtering the candidates to what seems like the most likely.  I see there is a field called "region", so I worked out how to reject a candidate that isn't in my state.  Then I realized there were some place names that were getting returned more than once.  There are both incorporated and unincorporated locations getting returned.  Each has as score of 100.  One looks like it might have come from an old quad.  It's completely in the middle of nowhere and to me it has no business at all even showing up as a match.

Then I see there is also a city attribute.  Only the incorporated town has a value in the city attribute.  Ok, so maybe there is something work with there, but it's turning into a lot of filtering!

Before I write a chunk of code to filter for everything I obviously need to account for, has some got something written for processing geocoding results that handles this scenario?