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I am looking for a road file to use with ArcGIS Network Analyst for desktop and server.  I'm not very good with playing around with the geodatabases so I am looking for an easy to use option.  I saw the message below and was wondering where I might find this "
free streetmap network dataset" and if it is easy to use with Network Analyst.  I downloaded the Streets and Data back on 1-10-2014 so I am guessing it might be in there somewhere?  Can this be used for drivetimes, directions and routing.  If so how do I set that up for use with Server. 

What other options do I have that are easy to use with ArcGIS server that are under $10,000

If your points are in the USA, you can use the free streetmap network dataset that comes on the data and maps dvd. it is ready to use network and have time and distance attributes.

You can also the Find Route tool (next the binoculars) on the standard toolbar in ArcMap. It will use the online service to return you back the routes.

Jay Sandhu