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Discussion created by whsgis on May 5, 2014
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I teach high school geography and GIS and I have found that our district internet connection sometimes slows down the access to AGOL map layers.  (When I load from a wifi hotspot on my phone I am able to accomplish the same task faster.)  It has been suggested that I try to solve this by building a GIS server within the district.  I have access to a used server at my school.  A few of us would like to give a shot at creating a GIS server.  Here are the specifics about the equipment:

Dell PowerEdge 2950 with support for Server 2012 x64. 
Procs are good with dual quad-core Xeon's at 2.66GHz, memory is currently 4GBs of RAM but could be expanded to 6-8GBs.
800GBs of storage in RAID-5

I am completely new to this so I will need to learn quite a bit but seems like a worthwhile project given the rapidly expanding GIS curriculum within our faculty.  My question is whether or not this server is worth using.  We can get ArcServer for free so that is not an issue but I am not sure if the server can handle it.