Pan operation lags behind the cursor

Discussion created by bsundsbo on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by bsundsbo
When I perform a pan operation without releasing the mouse button, and continiously drag the map around, the image lags behind the cursor, and sometimes "stutters". The reason I really noticed this was that the test application for map functionality does not experience the same issue. I did discover some heavy logic in the MouseMove event that I have now disabled if the left mouse button is down. I have been unable find any other events that I have hooked up that could be causing this. ANTS Performance Profiler does not indicate anything in my code. The only heavy load it refers to is native code related to CopyPixels.

I'm not sure this is a problem that is directly related to the API, and I realize the reason could be anything anywhere in my code, but I'm trying to find out if someone else has experienced the same, and how this may have been addressed.

I do not use accelerated display. I tried removing all overlay on the map, such as menus and other gadgets to no avail. I also tried removing all GraphicsLayers in case these were the cause. The experience is the same as if you use AcceleratedDisplayLayer to hold the background map, and have  no acceleration on the GraphicsLayers on top. The feeling then is that the objects are floating on top of the map in a very peculiar way; they do not have the same speed as the cursor and background map.