centerAndZoom in safari

Discussion created by LarsHalvor.Anundskaasgeodata-no-esridist Employee on May 4, 2014
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I have a little problem in my app. I have tested this in Firefox, chrome, ie 9/10 and safari for windows.
The problem/bug is only present in safari and is triggered by map.centerAndZoom(point, zoomLevel)

Everything works fine for short distances but if i centerAndZoom from for instance norway to sidney the map goes grey and never reappaer.

I'm using html5 geolocation and I have set the start extent of the map to new york, It's pretty clear that when geolocation is slow and the map is initialized and centered around new york before my location in norway is resolved, the map is greyed as it tries to centerAndZoom, but when geolocation resolves very quickly, it works, I never see new york on the map, It's centered at my location.

I have a location search on the map, with functionality to centerAndZoom - when I search for a location far away from current map position the map goes grey, but not if searching/clicking places nearby.

This problem is not present in safari for iOS, only on windows desktop.

In the other browsers everything works as expected. Anyone have an idea what this might be?