Adding DTED Layer / IMADtedLayer

Discussion created by matthussey on Jul 21, 2010
Hi, I'm using ARCGIS Engine 9.3.1 to develop and application and am looking at loading the files I need into ESRI.

I am trying to work out how to load DTED data into ESRI but I keep coming across using the IMADTEDLayer and requiring a DTED Catalog to be set up, which I understand is a form of Geodatabase. Our requirements do not allow us to set up Geodatabases on disk so I need to be able to load the DTED data as a file into ESRI for use in the TOC.

We do intend to view this data in 3D and do analysis on it.

What type of layer should I use for this and how can I load this data without the use of the Geodatabase/special areas of disk?