Projecting fieldwork data onto a TIFF map downloaded from DigiMap in ArcMap 10.1...

Discussion created by bxnnies07 on May 3, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by mark909
Hi, basically I have a excel/csv(table) file of northings/eastings against pH of water samples I took on fieldwork. I am trying to display the pH variation as graduated symbols on the points I sampled at along the river.

I imported the tile map of the area from DigiMap into arcmap. There was initially no coordination system for it so I went on catalog and from there selected the British National Grid coordination system for it.

I then imported the XY data, setting X=eastings and Y=Northings and Z=nothing (and selected the British National Grid as its coodination system). Exported it as a shapefile/new layer, then selected properties-symbols-graduated symbols and selected the pH data, clicked Apply and OK.

However it has failed to project the data onto the map.

Any advice ASAP (i need it done by the 6th May), would be very helpful!