Request for new functionality

Discussion created by sliuesriuk-esridist Employee on May 2, 2014

I was wondering if anyone else feels a need for these? The "quick wins" (ones I think could be implemented fairly easily, although I could be completely wrong about the effort involved!) are listed first.

1) This is more of a request for clarification than new functionality: it appears that data can be exported from an Open Data portal even if the item owner has disabled "Allow others to export to different formats" in the item properties. The "Extract Data" tool in ArcGIS Online respects this setting, but the Open Data portal does not. I can see the advantage of doing this, as the default setting (I think?) is to not allow exports, and having an opt-out rather than opt-in policy makes setting up a portal easier. Could this override be clarified in the documentation (assuming it isn't already?)

2) Have an option to preserve the original coordinate system of data when exporting to shapefile (at the moment, data not in WGS-84 lat/longs is converted to WGS-84). I work with British National Grid data a lot and there is some loss of accuracy when the coordinate system is changed, although it does appear that conversion is done using the accurate (to about two metres) Petroleum transformation, so this isn't a huge deal for me.

3) When exporting point feature layers to CSV, would it be possible to add the lat and long of the point geometry into two extra fields. This would be useful for Esri Maps for Office users.

4) Allow map notes and other layers embedded in a webmap (e.g. GPX, CSV, shapefiles, etc) to be exported.

5) Enable HTTPS access to Open Data portals.

6) Add support for exporting hosted tile services.