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Bing Basemap in Shortlist Template?

Question asked by TrentR on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by TrentR
It seems in previous Shortlist template versions that there was an option to add your Bing Maps Key in order to utilize Bing basemaps.  Now this option is has been removed in the latest release.  Is it not possible to use Bing Maps for the Shortlist template?

We are currently using the 30-day free organization account for testing while we setup Portal here in house.  I've already added our Bing Maps Key to our organization account and can add the Bing Map as a basemap to our ArcGIS Online web map being used for our Shortlist application with no issue.  When viewing our actual Shortlist application though, I just get the loading screen.

I've added code related to calling our Bing Maps Key from the previous Shortlist template version to see if I still needed to retrieve the Key through the application rather than the WEBMAP_ID, but still no dice. Console tells me, Map creation failed: {}

It is Friday so I might be missing some small detail...

Thanks for any suggestions!