Subdividing parcels

Discussion created by MattOKeeffe on May 1, 2014
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We own large plots of land and I'd like to calculate optimum plot sizes and locations for a subdivision.  I seem to recall a presentation or a video where CityEngine was doing just that and was hoping that someone might be able to advise.

As an example, we have an irregular shaped, five acre plot of land which fronts onto the water.  We want to subdivide this land into plots so that individuals can build their own house on the plot.

We'd like to be able to throw a number of parameters into (hopefully) CityEngine which would then optimise the use of the land to get the best possible outcome.  For example:

  • Each plot should be > 0.3 acres but < 0.5 acres

  • Each plot should be at least 100 feet wide and 100 feet long

  • A plot can be an irregular shape if necessary

  • A canal which is at least 50 feet wide should be built into the original parcel to give every plot at least 30 feet of water frontage

  • An access road should be built into the original land so that every parcel is connected to the road network

I'm not sure if CityEngine is designed to do this sort of thing.  Can anyone help?