Given distance from two locations how to accurately find coordinates

Discussion created by chetanbpl on May 1, 2014
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So I am working on a research problem which requires to identify a location accurately (with error distance of few meters). For instance:


How to find the coordinates of C? Am I doing anything wrong?

The correct answer is 39.98,-83.03, but I am getting 8 miles off the track.

Since the points are static thus I know there location already. Flipping of the triangle is avoided by adding one more known location. I have calculated the distances using great circle distance formulae.

double theta = lon1 - lon2;

double dist = Math.sin(deg2rad(lat1)) * Math.sin(deg2rad(lat2)) + Math.cos(deg2rad(lat1)) * Math.cos(deg2rad(lat2)) * Math.cos(deg2rad(theta));

dist = Math.acos(dist);

dist = rad2deg(dist);

dist = dist * 60 * 1.1515; //in miles