How to set labels on TimeSlider only for the selected ticks?

Discussion created by nicolaraluca on Apr 30, 2014

I am working on a webmap that displays gps data in time on a map. I am using the Timeslider and as I have points every 4 hours for about a year, I don't want to display all the timestops on the timeslider so I have set the tickcount to 20 (timeSlider.setTickCount(20);). My question is: how can I display the labels only for these ticks and not for every timestop? I don't know how to get to the dates that these ticks represent.
You can check an example here: (the black line represents all the labels of about 2000 points...). And now that I check it on the server it seems to get stuck from time to time. On localhost it worked smoother.

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