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Discussion created by MickeyO-Neil on Apr 30, 2014
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i want to copy a FeatureClass which is in a Feature-Dataset into an other Feature-Class (which is also in a Feature-Dataset).Both Feature-Classes are on different SDEs.

arcpy.Copy_management(fromgdbpath + "\\" + fd + "\\" + fc,  togdbpath + "\\" + toschema + "." + outfd+ "\\" + toschema + "." + outfc, "FeatureClass")

I always get the following error:
('ERROR 000258: Output C:\\...<Path>... already exists\nFailed to execute (Copy).\n',)

Of course the Output-FC already exists, but why is this a Problem? If I use the Copy-Geoprocessintool in ArcCatalog with the same Parameters everything works fine!
And if i copy Feature-Classes into other Feature-Classes which are not in a Feature-Dataset, it works, too.

Thanks for your help!

Cheers Mickey