Raster DEM vs Polygon question.

Discussion created by broadral on Apr 29, 2014
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Not quite the best at analysis, but I'm working at it. Anyway...

I have an issue where a polygon ShpFile is actually larger than the DEM Raster Image I am working with. Clipping wouldn't quite work.

I know the Extract by mask works to cut DEM/Raster based on a polygon (could be either raster or vector, if I'm not mistaken, although I just mask it right away when it is a vector polygon since it saves me time and ultimately converts it to raster anyway)

Would the following work?
1. Convert Polygon Shapefile to Raster, then use the DEM raster as a mask at that point?

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Tried my #1, and it worked well. But if there is another method, I certainly would appreciate it.