How Do I Streamabline My Web Maps?

Discussion created by whsgis on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by whsgis
I teach high school geography.  I use our institutional account for AGOL quite a bit.  I feel fairly confident in my ability to build useful lessons around the technology and I would like to learn how to speed up the rendering of my maps.  This map is a rough draft of one I will be using in class.  When I tested it with some of the students on Chromebooks, which work great for most of our web applications, we found that the map loaded very slowly or some layers did not load at all.  This was probably the result of high bandwidth usage somewhere else in the district.  At any rate, we will have to deal with this environment sometimes.  I would like to be able to speed this map up so that it loads more quickly.  I created these layers myself on desktop from both ESRI stock data and custom made stuff. 

Any advice on how to make this map function more smoothly is appreciated.