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select with buffer and highlight from dgrid

Question asked by jay.kapalczynski on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by jay.kapalczynski
I have a working example below JSFiddler link. Was wondering if anyone might has a few to look this over and see if they can shed some like on this.

  • The user can click the Buffer button and then click in the map. 

  • A buffer is created and the points are selected within the buffer

  • These results are returned to a dgrid

  • Within the dgrid you can select the ID number and it turns the point blue in the map.

My issues and things I need to figure out.
1.  How can I modify my code so the function selectState(e) {...  does not create a new symbol selection set but rather simply highlight the record begin selected via the dgrid.  Leaving all the original points that were selected from the initial buffer and simply highlight the one selected from clicking on the ID in the dgrid..It turns the record BLUE but all the other ones disappear 

2.  If you notice I have 2 column sets....the second one has an image that I want to put in place of the ID number.  With a graphic like an "Identify"....I can get this to work, but when I click this image it removed all the graphics as it does explained above, but additionally when done with the image is does not turn the point blue.  This part breaks.  Not sure why
Obviously the image wont appear do to the location not being valid but the code still runs.

Find these two lines of code in the jsfiddle
Comment the first one out and then uncomment the second one. And rerun to verify #2 above.

        gridNoColumnSets.set("columnSets", columnExample1);
        //gridNoColumnSets.set("columnSets", columnExample2);

Hope someone can help.....Thanks..cheers