Iterative raster clipping using Theissen polygon feature class

Discussion created by dbh10 on Apr 25, 2014
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Hoping someone can direct me to a tool that I'm just not finding.

I have a set of points (30) and a large DEM.  I created a Theissen polygons feature class (containing the 30 polygons) from the points (using the extent of the DEM).  I now want to clip out 30 mini-rasters from the DEM - one for each of these polygons. It would be nice to save each clipped raster to a gdb using the Input_FID from the Theissen polygon row.

1. Can you recommend the best way to approach this?

2. Is there a way to reference a specific polygon within a (multiple) polygon feature class in the raster clip tool?  I sure don't see one.  Do I have to export each polygon into its own separate feature class?

I am on version 10.2.

Thanks in advance!