Some problems I have encountered so far

Discussion created by RockvilleGIS on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by astauffer-esristaff
1) In testing the sharing of services to the Open Data app, when I unshare services they continue to show up in search results and can be downloaded.  Yes, I flushed the browser cache.

2) When looking at the Details tab for a service I shared, I realized that all attributes were showing when I didn't want that.  So, I modified the MXD to turn off the unnecessary attributes, then republished the service.  When I went back to Open Data to examine the change, the Details and Table tabs showed the reduced list of attributes, but when hovering the mouse over the results in the search list, it still shows "13 Attributes" even thought the number is now 3.  Yes, I flushed the browser cache.

3) Some strange behavior with a shapefile download.  Our city limits has a donut hole in it, but the shapefile download of the polyline service shows a line running from the outside edge (the main boundary) cutting across the inside of the city and connecting to the inside edge (the boundary of the donut hole).  

4) I don't know if this all about my my service strategy or if there is something which can be done in the Open Data app, but I have some services which repeat layers in the TOC with adjustments to symbology per scale ranges.  This works fine for my web maps and generally appears properly when using the service REST endpoint, but in Open Data it looks like there are 10 services all the same.