Using Secured ArcGIS Services In Collector

Discussion created by wgrc on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by wgrc
Hello!  With Server 10.2.2 now allowing disconnected editing with one's own Feature Services, we've updated and are trying this out.

I have a question though.  We also have secured our feature/map services and folders within ArcGIS Server.  Is there a way to embed the credentials in the ArcGIS Online Web Map so that end users using Collector don't have to enter the un & pw?

The prompt comes up every time someone accesses the map on arcgis.com, or via Collector.  I swear that with one of our 10.1 services, I accessed one of our services (without sync of course at 10.1 yet), entered the token pw once in arcgis.com, and never had to enter it again.  I can't prove this though because we have updated?

Anyway to do this?