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ArcGIS Android - Get LatLon position of the graphic

Question asked by umarani on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by umarani
I'm adding marker to my map using the following code:

mvHelper.addMarkerGraphic(Double.parseDouble(friendData.getLatitude()), Double.parseDouble(friendData.getLongitude()), friendData.getFriendName(), friendData.getStatus(), null, icon, false,                 0);

This is my listener:
mvHelper.setOnGraphicClickListener(new OnGraphicClickListener() {         @Override         public void onGraphicClick(Graphic graphic) {             Log.d("MVHELPER GRAPHIC LISTENER TAG",graphic.toString());         }     });

I'm trying to get the lat long position of the clicked marker. But the listener doesn't provide it. How can I get the position?