10 Initial Questions

Discussion created by cucinelli on Apr 24, 2014
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I saw your presentation at the Fed conference a couple months ago in Washington DC.

I am very eager to use ArcGIS Open Data for the NCI if possible.

A couple things I noticed. Many of which might be problems because I don't know exactly how this new feature works and/or because it is still in beta.

So please pardon the stupid questions.

1. I set up an open data site:

2. We set up this web site using this group:

3. When I load up the open data web site, if I try to search in my open data web site for the item, then search doesn't work, it says 1 datasets found but I can�??t see any results.

4. To see the open data data, I have to click on recent items.

5. When you add an item to the group for open data, do you have to add it at the layer level or can you do add it at the service level as well?

6. When I click on the open data tab in the edit settings menu of agol, then this url comes up (before the configure site button is hit).
this web site only defaults back to:

Maybe that's because this is still in beta?

7. does it matter if my organization agol is running SSL? I know Community Analyst doesn't work since we are running SSL.

8. I notice in the popup window aliases are not used but in the feature details area they are. I would like them to be used in the popup.

9. Same with the table column names, I would rather the aliases be used than field names.

10. I noticed this error when I tried to down the data to a spreadsheet (it's only 51 records - US States plus DC).
The file is larger than the beta download limit. Your download will contain the first 0 records.

Thanks again for this great new idea, we are looking forward to utilizing it. If you would like to discuss offline, I would be happy to.

James Cucinelli