Hindering notification "Layer cannot be completely drawn"

Discussion created by maarten.krieckaert on Apr 24, 2014
I would greatly appreciate help with the following issue:

Whenever I open a map in my ArcGIS Online environment, I get a notification saying that "the layer *layername* cannot be completely drawn because there are too many objects in this area of the map, try zooming in" (freely translated from dutch). I'm already zoomed in to 2 by 2 kilometers..
This notification pops up every time, on every map and ticking the box "don't show me this again for this layer" only prevents the popup in that particular session, if I refresh the page or open a different map, the notification is there again. This is very hindering to me, especially when giving demonstrations. It seems to the audience as if the program isn't working correctly.

How can I make ArcGIS Online draw the full map, and if that isn't possible, how can I turn off this notification?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Maarten Krieckaert