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Discussion created by geofrank on Apr 23, 2014
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I work at a firm that is continually producing map products for reports and small atlas projects.

We would like to be able to add the firms logo to maps (in the title block, legend area, etc) because maps tend to be pulled out and used in presentation by our clients. All the ways we have tried so far have looked choppy upon export. Ideally we would like to add it as a vector (rather than raster such as tiff).

We have the logo in two vector formats. Illustrator (EPS) and PowerCADD (PC9). We have succesfully converted it to DWG and SHP.

The logo looks fine in arcmap, but as soon as it is exported it gets choppy (Usually export to PDF, but have tried JPEG as well).

Any suggestions?

We are aware that ArcMap rasterizes anything below a raster layer or a layer with transparency.