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Photo URL link disappears from Popup

Question asked by cgeiger on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by cgeiger
I have a field in my attribute table (a points layer) which contains the web address of a photo of the item.  I have built a Popup to display all of the attributes of each point.  The Rest endpoint for the points layer map service is here; the photo URL field is the last one listed.  When I test the HTML/JavaScript from my desktop copy of the HTML file and click on a point symbol, the popup includes a link that shows up as "More Info."  Clicking on that link opens a new browser tab (not popup tab) showing the photo.  However, when the page is published to the server here, (the same server hosting the photos) that spot in the Popup is blank.

I am thinking that it must be a server permissions issue of some kind, but have no idea where to look.