Best method for enrichment based on If/Then...

Discussion created by arepsher on Apr 23, 2014
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Sorry for the horrible title,

I am not a programmer to say the least.

I am looking for the best method to put one of three attributes in a field based on the value of 2 other fields.  To understand the context, the field GPSTime gives the GPS device time in seconds calculated from the satellite data stream.  If that value is 0, then the device is not able to calculate position; maybe because the device cannot see the sky.  If the device is unable to calculate position, it is also unable to produce the values to calculate speed, therefore speed does not matter at that point...

If SPEED > 0 AND GPSTimeSec > 0 then STATUS = "Moving"
If SPEED = 0 AND GPSTimeSec > 0 then STATUS = "Stopped"
If GPSTimeSec = 0 then STATUS = "NoGPS"

I am looking to get the STATUS field updated with one of those three values.  What processor should I use and how should I formulate the statement so that GEP understands?  OR, am I barking up the wrong tree?

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**Edit for additional information**

For the time being, I have just forked the service 3 ways, adding a filter element to each fork - one for each needed value.  After each filter, I added a simple field calculator for each value (ex: Expression: 'NoGPS') and then pulled each back into the end output.

This just doesn't seem like the most efficient way.