Dynamic Segmentation of RoadNetwork based on Mile markers points

Discussion created by indira_khanal on Apr 22, 2014
Hello.... I have been trying to perform the segmentation of Road Network based on mile markers. I do have begin and end mile posts for route segments but they are county cumulative mile posts i.e. one segment per county with '0' as begin mile and with some value as end mile. Now I need to transfer the mileposts from mile markers points to the road network. In other words change the begin and end mile posts of road network based on the mile markers position on the road. So I need to get segments of road with new begin and end mileposts. I used Linear Referencing tool's calibrate routes, create routes, locate features every possible way I could do. I have done linear referencing previously to assign mileposts values to crashes based on linear route feature but this time its a bit different task.
Please help :)