Working with Geoenrichment Data

Discussion created by xianritchie on Apr 21, 2014
I'm very new to ArcGIS, and trying to puzzle it out. I've managed to build a few simple maps, but I seem to be coming to a head when it comes to working with Geoenrichment data. As a specific example, I'm trying to build a map that imports local Tapestry data for a given area. I'm afraid I just haven't been able to puzzle out the API coherently enough to know where to begin. I don't need examples, though they would certainly help, but if someone could point me in the right direction in the documentation? Heck, even an existing GITHUB sample would be great.

As an aside, I keep noticing some conflicting info regarding BAO. One example seems to insist that I need BAO to get tapestry data, but the BAO site seems to imply that the BAO API was rolled into ArcGIS and is now part of it?

Thank you all for your help.