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Error: Token Required on secured layers, but everything is working?

Question asked by jeff.pace on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by jeff.pace
Im getting a firebug error that is driving me nuts.  I get 17 errors, one for each secure layer in my map

Error: Token Required


.cache["esri/request"]/</t/f.load@ .cache["dojo/_base/xhr"]/</b._ioSetArgs/<@ c@ d@ .cache["dojo/_base/Deferred"]/</b.Deferred/this.callback@ c@ d@ .cache["dojo/_base/Deferred"]/</b.Deferred/this.callback@ .cache["dojo/_base/xhr"]/</b.xhr/<@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</k@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</r@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</f/this.resolve@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</a@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</k@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</r@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</f/this.resolve@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</a@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</k@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</r@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</f/this.resolve@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</a@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</k@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</r@ .cache["dojo/Deferred"]/</f/this.resolve@ m@ f@

Doesnt tell me what request is being made.  The error occurs on layer creation, but before the "onlayeradd" event is fired. 

I am using the identity manager, logging shows the credential object and all 17 resources listed prior to throwing the errors.  Any ideas? nothing is broken, but the firebug errors are really annoying
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