Delimiting the values of one field according to another field.

Discussion created by DanielaPalacios on Apr 20, 2014
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Hello everyone.

I am creating a file geodatabse to store land portions and their use in Colombia. I am creating a feature class to store polygons representing different land portions and other attributes.

Four of the fields within this feature class are "Department Name", "Department_Code" and "Municipality Name" and "Municipality_code".


In Colombia every department has a 2-digit code and a name (example 05-Antioquia) and every municipality has a 5 digit code and a name (05001 -Medellin, the first 2-digist indicating which department it belongs to).

A Municiplaity can only belong to one Department but Municipalities can have the same name in different departments, for example:

Department 05-Antioquia       Municipality 05001-Medellin
Department 08- Barranquilla    Municiality 08123- Medellin

As you can see one can recongnize where a municipality belongs to thanks to its code...even if the name is the same, one code is 05_001 and the other 08_123.


I have created a coded domain (Text type) to store the Departments codes and name. So when creating a polygon I can chose from a drop-down list the name of the Department for the "Department_Name" field and used Field Calculator to fill in the "Department_code".

Now, I would like to know if there is a way to restrict the domains for the "Municipality_Name" dropdown-list so that it will only show the municipalities belonging to a particual deparment... This way if I choose Medellin as a Municipality... it will give me the right code.. 05_001 and not 08_123 considering I selected Antioquia as a department.

The real problem is that there are tons of municipalities with the same name, so I would like to restrict the drop-down menu of "Municipality_Name"... according to the selection of the "Department".

I have tried with subtypes but it only works with NUMERIC values and my values are TEXT.. because codes start with 0's (alphanumeric)... these codes have to be respected as they are for further use.

I am quite new at creating DATABASES with arc and I would like detailed help if possible. Maybe creating relationships or something, please help!

Thanks in advance,