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ArcCatlog needs 2 miniutes to connect to sde and list all the featuredatasets

Question asked by jeffouyang on Apr 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by ldonahue

    We have a sde 10.0 running on DB2.  There are about 4000 featureclasses in the sde, including point,polyline,polygon,annotation and mosaic dataset.  Some annotation featureclass has 2 or 3 million records. We use direct connection to DB2. Now we have a problem.

    When we double click the database connection in ArcCatlog, it needs more than 2 minutes to list all the featuredatasets. During these two minutes, ArcCatlog has no response. All the employee using the ArcCatlog are complaining. Besides, when we need to add data in ArcMap, it will take the same time which is several minutes to add the selected featureclass to the ArcMap. After we add the featureclass to the arcmap, the drawing speed is OK.

    What is ArcCatlog doing when it make the connection the database? Does anyone have experience such kind of situation before?  Is it possible to store thousands of featureclass in the ArcSDE? Should we modify some configuration parameter in the DB2?

     Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you .